There is something very rewarding from a photographer’s point of view when being asked to produce the imagery for a publication. Partly because it is an enjoyable collaboration of skills but mainly because there is permanence to a book. Once printed, the knowledge that your work will live on many different shelves and be a point of reference for years to come is hugely satisfying.

Working on these publications has meant setting up my photographic equipment in some really interesting places. I spent three weeks in Hong Kong, shooting two books of paintings and coins for the Hong Kong and Shanghi Bank. I worked in seven different locations but by far my favourite was the Chairman’s office overlooking Kowloon on the 26th floor of the iconic Foster building.

I have also had many projects shooting in and around Geneva and in particular have great memories of working on the 400 page book that accompanied The Treasures of Islam exhibition at the Musee d’Art. Over a six-week period I set up shop working in various locations ranging from the opulence of a lake side villa to the austerity of Swiss bank vaults.